Client Events

At Wellspring Capital, we organize client events, which have two basic objectives. One objective is to have Fun in a unique setting. The second objective is to educate our clients on some subject that is important to them- Retirement Planning, marketplace happenings, or investment strategies.

Here are examples of our most recent 4 events.

We arranged an evening at the AutoVino, which displays antique luxury cars and fine wine by the Woodside Winery. Some pics displayed below.


The Savory Kitchen hosted a participating cooking class for all, with an extensive wine list to boot. What a great way to informally meet all who attended. Some hard at work (but fun) photos below.


For those of you who are baseball fans, we attended a night game at AT&T Park with the San Francisco Giants playing the Chicago Cubs.  Before the game, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Twenty-five Lusk restaurant outside the stadium.

Finally, before the year ended we hosted a dinner at Il Fornio restaurant where one of the industry’s most successful Tactical Managers discussed market happenings.

Hopefully, you can join us at an upcoming event.